Queen of Hearts is coming to Sugar!

Sugar is proud to announce that the lovely ladies,
Christina and Valeri of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes,
will be coming to our studio in Penang, Malaysia to conduct a few buttercream master classes!

There will be a bundled discount of RM300 should you choose to take all three classes, bringing the total down to RM3,500 instead of RM3,800.

To register, or for more info, please email us at classes@sugar.com.my
Seats are filling up!

Brochure for the classes are as below.

Queen of Hearts - Buttercream 01Queen of Hearts - Buttercream 02Queen of Hearts - Buttercream 03

Sugar is now in Kuala Lumpur!

Great news guys! We have recently just opened up a branch in Kuala Lumpur!

We are now located within Ben’s Independent Grocer’s (BIG) @ Publika!
For more info on the location, please head over here.

Over at our new location, we have most of our decorating tools, premixes, pre-pack recipes and novelty line of gifts up on display within BIG.

If you are in the neighbourhood, do head on over to check it out!

sugar @ publika

This week so far…. :)

Yes it’s only Wednesday but it’s been so eventful at sugar! Lots & lots of laughter…. hahahaha

Because this will also be a journal for us, i have to jot this down while it’s fresh “my” memory… On Monday, both Lee Sin & I decided to give ourselves a break from a hectic weekend! So I stayed in and had quite a few visitor which kept us busy. It was only at about 7pm when i started to worry about our big order on Thursday coz it felt like we have not prepped enough for it!

Anyways, we bought dinner for tsemeng and when we dropped the food off, guess who’s car i saw!? Yes Lee Sin’s car… so immediately i texted her and she said she’s having dinner with her family at Spasso… early celebration… I did not think too much about it. But i shared my worries with her and you know how Whatsapp is like, right? When a person reads, there’s 2 ticks? Well i clearly know she read everything i wrote but no response…

Now Lee Sin has always been the bigger worrier and seeing how calm she is did not feel right but i thought maybe she really wants to put work aside and spend time with her family!? So i stopped WApping her…

But i continued to worry… so i texted my brother, tsemeng (TM). Told him i need his help to get some stuffs for me and help me bake… and he replied – “huh!? why bake?? LS is already baking!” hahahaha immediately i knew what was going on… And it was only then when my brother realized LS was trying to pull my leg but instead of going along with LS, he teamed up with me (proud sister) to play LS back instead… Hahahahaha… TM wants to get back at LS for pulling his leg a while back! Yea… we are pretty childish whilst working at Sugar :P

TM asked me to continue playing with her conscience till she caves in and admit what she’s up to and oohhh… what fun it will be!

So anyway, LS finished baking and left…

I texted her sounding really worried… saying I am too worried… Will prep baby zac to sleep, shower and go over to sugar and do all the baking with TM so we can start decorating the next day. I went on and on with what i plan to do and told her not to worry but instead have a good night with her family!

She read my messages but no replies

Next thing i know, TM texted to say that LS is calling him! He din answer and she called the shop phone! Hahahaha…. She caved quite fast… she confessed everything almost immediately to me. This does not sound as funny now but i laughed sooooooo hard! Hahahahaha I could imagine her facial expression and all…..

LS was quite upset that instead of playing a prank, it backfired and got her instead! Hahaha but it was all such a good laugh!

That was Monday…

Tuesday & Wednesday we worked full day on our order for Thursday. It’s a very exciting one and had so much fun working on it! Can’t wait to show u guys what we’re working on!

Here’s something to share with you from last weekend! It looks really simple but the bottom tier gave LS and myself stiff shoulder and lots of stress!!! But we are very happy with the end result :) Hope you guys like it too! More pics to come on it…Oriental Wedding Cake


I’m heading for KL tomorrow for some “business” plus a some “leisure”…. Some new things up ahead for us! And also some quiet time to enjoy our little baby Z… Hope you are all having a great week!

Overloaded Cuteness Project

Let us share with u the stories behind our project :) A project, which we call the ‘overloaded cuteness’!

We came to know about Rachelle Anne Miller and her works way back in 2010 when Ween’s friend, Sherene asked her to design a cake for her friend using Rachelle’s design. Definitely did not seem easy but challenge was accepted & here’s the result! The cake is inspired by Rachelle’s drawing.

Read about this cake design written by Ween here and by Rachelle here :)
engagement hedgehog

By the side of the cake is inspired by these super cute hedgehogs. Rachelle has a natural talent to make all animals look extra cute and irresistable!

Shortly after that, we were asked to design a cake also inspired by Rachelle’s design for a mother’s day occasion. The design was slightly tweaked to add in their baby boy.

Read about it written by Ween here and Rachelle here :)

mother's day

That mother’s day project also inspired us to do a few other projects inspired by Rachelle’s piece for mother’s day :) Below are the pictures of the cake and the painting piece which we are inspired by…

bunny old mousey

That was 3 years ago…

On Wednesday (this recent one – april 10th 2013), while we were taking our day easy, suddenly after going through Rachelle’s latest design, we were so crazy inspired we jumped into doing 6 designs! It was supposed to start out with just 3, actually… but we couldn’t decide on those 3 and kept going on till we had 6!! Hahahaha but we enjoyed it all sooooo very much! All had its own challenges but we slowly encountered them one by one :) We manage to complete them from idea to final completion which includes photo taking and editing in 2 and a half day!

Amazing what happens when you’re highly motivated, eh?

Let us introduce each of our animals one by one to you, the story behind it and who it’s dedicated to…

FIRST one is our mommy whale and her 3 babies! We were not supposed to do whale actually because we couldnt find a whale picture by Rachelle Anne Miller but we’ve been wanting to do one so we tried to do one following her series of animals as close as possible… The whale represents Lee Sin & her 3 sons :) A personal joke behind it but they are all so adorable!!


SECOND is our cuddly teddy bear and its little baby. You can see the artwork which we are inspired from. This is supposed to represent Ween & her newborn baby zac coz of how tiny the little cub is!

teddyTHIRD are the birds! This is dedicated to Ween’s sister in law and her baby Kai :) If you look closely, you will see 2 little eggs inside the nest… This is in the hope that Ween will get 2 more niece or nephew! Subtle way of hinting? Hehehe…


FOURTH are the giraffes :) Probably the most challenging one out of all coz we need to work out on how to let the giraffe stand on its 4 legs and how to make sure its neck can support its head :) We were scratching our heads as we were doing… with constant discussions on how to get things done and all :) One thing’s for sure… we are happy with the result! This is dedicated to Ween’s dear friend Mag & her sons. Though there’s only 1 baby giraffe…. it’s to represent her 2 sons! Mag is crazy about all things giraffe! Trust us… really crazy bout it!


FIFTH are the owls. We just love owls… How not to love these adorable cuties! We do not have anyone to dedicate these to… So we are opening up to all of you! Tell us the perfect story why this owl represents you & ur baby :) Email it to us at cakes@sugar.com.my. We will select the best story and these owls will be dedicated to yoU!
owlLast but not least, the SIXTH project are the bunnies! This is dedicated specially for Lee Sin’s daughter in law, Ishuet and her newborn baby Sophie. It’s her birthday this weekend and actually it’s because of Ishuet’s birthday that got us looking around for ideas! We thought this would be perfect for her because this is her first birthday as a mummy!

And that concludes our stories of each of these animals…

the collection

We will be making classes & taking orders for these specially for Mother’s Day and also any other everyday event…

Email cakes@sugar.com.my for more info!

We hope you guys enjoy what we have made as much as we did making them!

Hope it has been a great week for all of you!

When WORK is our PASSION

Have u guys ever seen two grown adults “fighting” on wanting to do more and not wanting to be “left-out” when the other is doing work? Lol…

That’s the scenario at Sugar for the past few days :) 2 days ago I had to leave early but resisted on leaving at first coz Lee Sin was staying on. Finally I had to “suggest” for us to take a break early to rest :P and that she should go back n rest since she had a late night editing pictures! Hahaha… She agreed and we quickly cleaned up & i left first… Worried she might be too engrossed with our project, I texted her to make sure she left too and of course she LIED to me! She was home but she said she continued to working :P Hahahah… It was not so funny to me then but now that i look back I just feel that our work is so much fun! Talk about not wanting to leave work and cant wait to go work early just to continue working on our OVERLOADED CUTENESS project! Hahahaha…

We should be finishing it today! Can’t wait to share!!

Oh baby zac’s crying now… got to go!

Behind the scenes

As all of you know, since about November 2012, Lee Sin from I <3 Cakes and I teamed up to create more fantabulous cakes together. Both of us had our reservations but now marks the 6th month since we started working together and we cannot be happier :) (I hope LS agrees too)


I think we complement each other very well and I have to say I look forward to going to work a lot more now! I was heavily pregnant when we teamed up and Lee Sin have been more like a mother to me than anything else! I don’t know how I could have pulled through my final months before delivery without her! She helped with all the heavy lifting, cleaning, hardcore jobs and not to mention the food & drinks that comes along with the package :) And I finally have company to work with me till wee hours of the night! Lee Sin, thank you thank you so much!

Since March, I’m fully back in action and we’ve been swamped with orders (which is a good thing!) and what goes on behind the scenes of creating these cakes are so much fun! Baby Zac goes to work with me hence Lee Sin have to tolerate with my frequent breaks to feed, change & entertain baby z and not to mention tolerate his cries! I’m working hard on teaching baby z to smile so that it can melt Lee Sin’s heart & all is forgiven!

We hope to be able to share all our laughters, sweats, the highs and the lows with all of you… Plus this will also act like a little journal for us to remember everything that goes on behind the closed doors of sugar! Hence the reason why we are starting this blog!

Stay tune for all the madness we go through day to day…

This week is supposed to be quite a slow week for us… Taking it slow and taking time to go through pictures, editing them, catching up with all the things we have to do, replying emails and checking facebook, suddenly, we are hit by some crazy force of inspiration and boy are we high on spirit to start caking! Immediately we went to the production room and got busy. That is really the fun part when 2 passionate cakers are hit by some ideas and what i love most working with Lee Sin is that we don’t dwell on ideas. We literally jump on it and start working on it!

We worked till the shop closed; resumed today and can’t wait to start tomorrow, to complete our little project of overloaded cuteness!

Stay tune until we reveal our overloaded cuteness project very very soon!!